Auburn Bay


Published Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hey Auburn Bay! We know that all of you eager beavers are itching to get onto the ice, however, due to the warm weather that we have been experiencing over the past 2 weeks, the ice is still weak or open underneath many docks. This poses a safety hazard as a person could potentially slip underneath the ice in these spots. Until the ice has frozen underneath all of the docks, the lake will remain CLOSED.

At this time, you may see some of our staff members out on the lake attempting to prepare the hockey rinks as colder weather approaches, however the lake is CLOSED to EVERYONE but staff members. Please stay OFF of the ice!

Furthermore, we ask that you please refrain from tossing ANY debris, including ice chunks, rocks, garbage, sticks, etc. onto the ice. Again, this creates a safety concern for residents and staff when the lake is open (i.e., large rocks hidden under snow). This can also damage our equipment, which means that there can be a major delay in any snow removal and rink maintenance. Finally, it can delay the opening of the lake and affects the integrity of the ice.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation!