Auburn Bay

Notice - THIN ICE

Published Saturday, November 4, 2017

The lake is currently in the process of freezing; however, the lake ice surface is not yet suitable for foot traffic or ice fishing. While it may look thick enough in some spots, ice depth can vary from location to location. Our staff are testing the ice daily and you will be notified when the lake will be open to foot traffic and ice fishing. In the meantime, for your safety, stay off the lake while Thin Ice signs are up.

As the lake continues to freeze and we eagerly wait for the skating season to open, we would like to request that you, your family, and your guests help us to make the skating season a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Please, do not throw any rocks or other objects onto the lake ice to “test” ice thickness. These rocks/objects freeze into the ice and present a significant hazard to ABRA staff, equipment, and residents skating on the lake.

Please also stay off the ponds in the community. The ponds collect storm water runoff, so during Chinooks water will flow into the pond, making it is extremely unsafe to skate or walk on.

Thin Ice is dangerous. Even though the ice may appear solid on the surface, it may not support a person's weight. While Thin Ice signs are up around the lake the ice is not safe. When conditions are safe, the signs will be removed and you may enjoy skating and fishing on the lake.

Stayed tuned to and our facebook page for updates when our various winter amenities are ready to go!