Auburn Bay


How do I register my home-based business?

To create a listing, please click on the Manage Business Listings button. During registration, you'll be asked to enter your Address. This is used only to determine if you are a resident of Auburn Bay and will not be posted with the listing. If you are not a resident of Auburn Bay, your listing request will be denied.

The purpose of the Business Listings is to provide an additional incentive or value for residents operating a small business and to encourage the sharing of local information for residents looking for a solution close to home. 

Any listing that promotes, encourages, or links to illegal activities is not allowed. Links to content of a questionable nature, links to inappropriate sites, adult or porn advertisements is not tolerated.

Listings containing 'All Caps' text in the business title/heading or in the business description will not be permitted.

The official language of the Business Forums is English. Therefore, all publicly displayed messages, titles, and signatures must be in English. Resident members are allowed one account and one listing per account.

** There is no cost to use the services; however, continued use is subject to the resident being a member in good standing with the Auburn Bay Residents Association and compliance with the Terms of Use.

What if I forget my Password or Username?

If you've forgotten your password, click here please enter your email to have your information sent to you.